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Join Our VIP Cosmetic membership!

What Does This Include?

Join our cosmetic VIP membership and get access to deals throughout the year. Once you join our membership, you get access to 15% off any cosmetic service for your first two cosmetic visits with OnSpot. On your third cosmetic visit you will then get 25% off the cosmetic service that you receive, and will continue to receive 25% off until your membership expires. The discounts apply to Botox®, filler, micro needling, chemical peels and cosmetic consults. You have two years from your date of purchase to begin using your membership card, after this time the membership expires. This membership is not transferable, however you can purchase this membership as a gift for someone. This membership is not applicable for Botox® parties. You can read more at www.onspotdermatology.com/vip.

Upon purchasing you will receive a call from an OnSpot representative within one business day to confirm your information, or the person for which you purchased the membership, so that we can set up and accurately track your membership usage.

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